What does Zunder Premium?

Once you get Zunder Premium membership, you are able to get various individual powers like Instant chat, Refresh And boost your matches.

Instant Chat: User becomes alpha man/woman. you can send messages or pictures to any one you like or remind to other members “who are you, and why like him/her”. There is no need to like-back by swipes.

Refresh Me: User get extra boost to revive their desire and to his/her profile secretly. User is able to make decision thousands time to like or unlike. User can unblock messages and converts unliked person to liked one.

Verified Member Status: Once you get status of Zunder Premium ( maybe of any limit) you would become verified member status for lifetime.

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  1. Je voudrais supprimer ma photo de profils car l’application me plaie pas sa va faire4 jours que ma photo de profil que je peut pas supprimer sa me mes en cours de modération je n’eut comprend pouvez vous au plus vite supprimer mes photos ??🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. Solution: Follow steps:
      1.Download new Zunder version 1.6.0
      2. Go to Account Setting -> Delete Account -> Logout
      3. Your Zunder account will permanently delete and can not recover in future.You can create new account anytime.

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