Zunder Dating

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Zunder Dating is a FREE Location Based Dating App. There is no hidden fee .√ This application is currently support various languages:  Languages ​​compatible with Zunder dating are: Dutch, French, Greek, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish,Turkish, Vietnamese. In addition to that Zunder Premium membership option is also available. t

How can I date someone nearby?

Solution:   Step follow as is;

Download application (here) and login by  Facebook account (Currently facebook login is not available) OR Create New Account  by Zunder dating app. ‘Sign In’ for dating.

Go-to in ‘Profile’ and Edit (button at top right corner). Set your gender, Age, About Me section and upload an attractive profile photo. It will preferred add other photos for match and Save (button at top right corner).

Go-to ‘Match Settings’ and set your gender I am and Interested in . Apply Location Limit and Age Limit of other gender for dating. Click Done (button at top right corner) for saving your dating requirements.

Find Match’ goto main menu or click  (button at top left corner) and click on 

Select unlike/like   or  if both matched persons like each other, they can chat by text/image.

Hundreds nearby people are waiting you in search.

*Zunder Dating, allows you to find the matches and to get connected with them in a very friendly and intuitive Swipe and Opt manner.
*You have options for text/image Chatting and Dating both in a niche blended manner.
* You can find matches/friends nearby.

*If you need help regarding this iPhone application. Write down your comments OR question, developer will answer in this blog.